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How we have made our Angular 2 website multi-language

I’m part of the startup YouJustGo and we are currently targeting the Chinese market. Our site is built in Angular 2 and we wanted to have our site in two languages, English and Chinese. I’ve done most of the technical work in this space, to get the site working in both languages, and I would like to share my experience.

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Angular 2: Automated i18n workflow using gulp

Update: New post can be found here.

i18n (internationalization) support for Angular 2 is now built-in the framework. Previously we used ng2-translate, but I found it time-consuming to add all translations manually to the .json files. Since a week or so the documentation is also available at While useful, it did not provide information, it involves a lot of manual steps. I’m going to provide a set of Gulp tasks that will automate everything!

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