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Month: March 2016

How everyone can build a mobile app for a SQL Database in minutes

I’ve already shown you how you can build a mobile app for CRM in 15 minutes. This time I will show you how you can create an app to manage an Azure SQL Database. Please read my other blog post first if you don’t know PowerApps yet. As you can read in that post, I initially tried to build an app connecting to an Azure SQL Database unsuccessfully, but after contacting the excellent PowerApps support I fixed it!

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How everybody can build a mobile app for CRM in 15 minutes

Do you think you need to be a developer to be able to create apps? You are wrong.

Everyone can build a mobile app with PowerApps!

With PowerApps, everyone can build powerful logic apps and/or mobile apps. I’m going to show you how you can create an app that allows you to view Leads in CRM Online, in just 15 minutes.

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5 Tips to make SharePoint Search work for your organisation

SharePoint started in 2001 as a document management system, and that’s still one of its most important features. A key feature of a DMS is to be able to find documents. The SharePoint search engine has improved significantly over the last years. But a common misconception is that SharePoint Search works for every company straight out-of-the-box.

SharePoint Search will not suit all of your needs without configuration

Some of our customers say: We want it to work just like Google, but some of them don’t seem to understand that Google does not “just work”. Every day thousands and thousands of Google employees work on improving the search engine and adapt it to the always changing world-wide web. The same is true for Bing, it does not “just work”. In fact, we do have Bing in SharePoint. The core of the Bing search engine has been implemented in SharePoint 2013. So why does it still not fulfill all needs? Most importantly becauseĀ of company specific metadata and taxonomies; even company has its own list of content types, metadata, and no site structure is the same. The SharePoint Search engine just needs some help to be able to understand the content better.

Search configuration and tweaking should be part of the project plan, and it must be understood that this takes time up-front, but also ongoing effort. I have compiled a list of 10 tips how you can make SharePoint Search work for you. I’ve added them in random order, there is no best tip as it all depends on your requirements and organisation.

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