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Month: March 2011

Add Users to SPGroup with claims based authentication (SharePoint 2010)

We had some problems while adding users to a SPGroup using SPGroup.Add(username, …) with Claims Based authentication. The code was executed, but the users could not login. When we add the users through the userinterface (aclinv.aspx) everything works fine. Continue reading

Add fields to list or contenttype with same title through User Interface

When you add a field to a contenttype / list through the UI, the title of the field becomes the internal name. Thus, when you add two fields with title = “Last Name”, adding the last one results in an error.
However, sometimes you want to have 2 fields with the same title. Of course it is possible through a feature, but it is also possible through the UI.

Continue reading

Cannot recognize the XML namespace of this Web Part

When provisioning pages (e.g. default.aspx) using a feature, you can add default webparts using <AllUsersWebPart> Continue reading